Monday, May 26, 2008

Stoplight Preaching with a heckler - Hollywood

Chris Stoplight Preaching on Hollywood Blvd

It looks like Hollywood & Highland Ave., has turned out to be a great location to open air preach. Crowds gather at the street light and wait for the light to change and this gives us plenty of time to present the gospel to people that don't realize that they will one day stand before God to give an account of their life. Few will enter the kingdom of heaven but many will be cast into the lake of fire.

Dru Stoplight Preaching

Before going out to Hollywood, I spent time praying for God's will to be done, that the Lord be glorified and that His word accomplish what pleases Him. I then got down to Hollywood & setup and since I was by myself I decided to go ahead and get up on the box. My initial fears were quickly gone as I open my mouth and shared the word of Christ.

Me standing in front of Brett's coffin
Chris in front of coffin on Hollywood Blvd

The thought that God's word is sharper than any two-edged sword brings peace and confidence as I take the captive audience through the good person test while at the same time quoting scripture that supports what i'm telling them. I prefer that when someone admits that they've lied that I tell them that in Revelations 21:8 that it is written that all liars will have their part in the lake of fire. Or if they admit to stealing that no thief will enter the kingdom of heaven. That misusing God's name as a cuss word or in any other fashion is called blasphemy and that God will not hold them guiltless who uses His name in vain. That it is appointed for a man or woman once to die but after this comes judgement.

Joshua handing out gospel tracts
Joshua giving a gospel tract

An amazing thing happened at the corner where there is a kiosk setup that sells wind spinners & shoe skates and we have been asked many times by the guys that work there for us to move some where else because they believed we scared business away, but on this Saturday the guy that was working there asked if he could borrow my microphone to promote his business so I agreed and at certain times he would ask for the microphone and promote his products. We became good friends and I discovered that Jeff had witnessed to him the previous weekend. He is in the video that is included in this blog post speaking in Hebrew at the beginning of the video clip.

Curiosity draws a crowd on Hollywood Blvd

After about an hour of Stoplight Preaching, Dru showed up and so did Joshua. They started handing out gospel tracts and I continued Stoplight Preaching. Joshua was such a great encouragment to me as he told me to keep it up and said it was really affecting people that were listening. I watched as one man stood there for atleast 15 minutes and listened to me present the gospel several times. At one point I broke down in tears as I preached the word as I pleaded with people to repent and believe the Gospel. Jeff eventually showed up and we were getting gospel tracts into many peoples hands.

Jeff standing in front of coffin on Hollywood Blvd.

I got into a conversation with two teenage kids. One of them said he had read the whole bible and gave several arguments that God was evil. He used many words that where so blasphemous that I cringed with sorrow for this young man. He jumped from one rabbit trail to another and I realized that I needed to focus on his conscience that whether or not what he believed was true or not that he would stand before a holy God that would send him to hell unless he turned from his sins and put his faith in Jesus alone to save him. A person that is obviously not a believer will not understand spiritual things written in the bible and trying to explain them to him is not wise. His female friend seemed to listen more and not arugue as much so i'm hoping that she was humbled by the law. In the end I gave them each "Why Christianity" and prayed that God would open their eyes.

Brett Open Air Preaching in Hollywood

Around 3:30pm Brett(Leon Brown's team) & Mark (Ed Lee's team)showed up with a group brothers and sisters with their coffin and did a great job of Open Air Preaching and Brett's wife got up onto the box for the first time and shared the Gospel to the Hollywood crowd. She did such a wonderful presenation that I thought she had done this many times before. Praise God for her faithfulness & trusting Jesus.

Robert & Mike
Mike & Robert - Academy Members

Mike (Steve Sanchez's team) & Robert (Ed Lee's team) from the Ambassador's Academy showed up with others from their church to evangelize. Special thanks to Mike for being very generous in buying me some AA batteries for my microphone, unfortunately it was my PA battery that had ran out. I see God raising up labors, prayer is being answered and the Good News is being heard. Pray that God will continue to bless us with divine appointments with lost people and increase our faith and knowledge of His word. Amen.

Dru on the corner doing Stoplight Preaching