Saturday, May 3, 2008

Street Light Preaching

Stoplight Preaching - Hollywood & Highland

Me & Dru Morgan decided to go out to Hollywood and open air preach on the corner of Hollywood Blvd & Highland. We thought we were prepared but unfortunately Dru left the mic cord at home so we tried to buy one on Hollywood Blvd but couldn't find a place that sold one. Dru struck up a conversation with a musician and asked him if he would loan us a cable. The guy offered to give us one but it turned out that it had the wrong connection.

Stoplight Preaching - Hollywood & Highland

I told Dru that when i was in Huntington Beach we didn't use amplification so it should be so bad to just get up on the box and speak loudly to the people as they waited for the light to change. I got up on the box first and I went through the Gospel presentation many times while handing out tracts to people that walked up and stared at the fake money I had in my hand, asking for one. I decided to try something different so I shared the Gospel message right off the back of the million dollar bill. I discovered that the presentation on the back of the bill is short enough to read completely before the light changes and people cross the street. We had a great time and handed out probably 300 million dollar bills.

Hollywood Evangelism

When I first heard of Streetlight preaching, I thought to myself that this wouldn't work. I've open air preached just a couple of times before so I wasn't really familar with it so when I watched others doing it, I thought to myself that I could do this. God's word does not return void. I love to use scripture when sharing the Gospel. Believing comes from hearing the word and without a preacher, how will they hear?

Million Dollar Bill Gospel Tract

Read first 1 Peter 3:15 and think about how you can be ready to share the Gospel with someone that isn't saved. Life is too short to be making excuses about sharing your faith with people that will spend eternity in hell. There is no second chance once people stand before God. Weeping and gnashing of teeth is what unbelievers will be doing when they realize they don't have the righteousness of Christ to save them from eternity in the lake of fire.