Saturday, May 10, 2008

Morning Show Evangelism

Me & Dru went out to Hollywood for the second weekend in a row and when we got there, we were glad to see Joshua had come to help hand out tracts and engage people in one-2-one conversations. I brought lots of tracts and Dru brought his foldaway steep stool. I brought my PA System and Dru brought his.


Dru immediately came up with a new way to share the Gospel on street corners. Dru calls it Morning Show Evangelism. We each take turns asking each other questions and each of us takes turns sharing the Gospel with each other. I'm not sure anyone else has done this but me & Dru are hooked on this method of sharing the Gospel.


Once up on the box, Dru would ask me questions such as What does a person have to do to get to heaven? or I think i'm a good person and should goto heaven, what do you think, what about people that have never heard the name of Jesus? Me & Dru would have conversations, sharing the gospel at the same time with both of our PA Systems broadcasting the message.


We see this as a great tool in teaching people that want to get up on the box but are worried that they might forget something or blank out completely. Joshua was watching the crowd and said that many people were watching and listening to us share the message and I even watched a husband and wife stand there with their two kids and listen to the entire gospel presentation. They thanked us and walked across the street. Several people thanked us for what we were doing out there.


We covered many different subjects and there were times when I got alittle flustered or just simply forgot what to say so Dru would pick up where I left off and when Dru would finish speaking I would start again. I've never had so much fun and shared so many different topics with people on the street before. We will definitely be doing this again.

Here's me Stoplight Preaching

Pray that people understood the bad news, which is that they've broken God's law, the 10 Commandments and that God will sentence them to hell if they do not repent from their sins and put their trust in Jesus alone to save them.

Here is a video clip of me & Dru doing Morning Show Evangelism