Sunday, June 22, 2008

Shepherd Crash Course Update

Today was Shepherd of the Hills One Day Crash Course on Evangelism lead by Dru Morgan with the support of Shawn Walden. I've been blessed to help Dru with two One Day Crash Courses at Shepherd and also attended the last week of a crash course that Dru lead as I was getting involved in Evangelism after repenting of my sins and by faith putting my trust in Jesus alone for my salvation. I want to thank Pastor Dudley C. Rutherford and the rest of the associate pasters of Shepherd of the Hills for allowing us to present the Way of the Master Crash Course at the beautiful church in Porter Ranch, California.

Shepherd of the Hills Evangelism Crash Course

What a joy it was to be involved with Shepherd's One Day Evangelism Crash Course on Saturday where 18 people showed up for the class. Those that attended the class were given free "Way of the Master" books with Hell's Best Kept Secret CD in the back plus a workbook that helped them follow along with the course of the class. People who attended asked many questions and all of them were addressed biblically with meekness and reverance for God's word.

Shepherd of the Hills Evangelism Crash Course

It shouldn't be a big surprise that from a large church that few actually want to attend an Evangelism class because Jesus said the the harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Jesus made it clear that those who would preach the Gospel would be few and Jesus tells us to pray the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest. So please make that a daily petition to God through prayer that He would do so.

Tony also spoke during the course encouraging the group to share the Gospel
Shepherd of the Hills Evangelism Crash Course

The teachings that were presented were put together by a man, Ray Comfort who has based his ministry in Belflower, California called LivingWaters and is also featured regularly on TBN. The foundational teachings of Way of the Master are Hell's Best Kept Secret & True and False Conversion. These sermons can be viewed or listented to online for free, either on the ministries web site or and . Type in Way of the Master in the youtube search box and you'll be able to watch all the episodes that are available for purchase on the LivingWaters web site.

The purpose of the this Crash Course is to challenge and equip people to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, that it is appointed for us once to die but after this comes judgement (Hebrews 9:27). If we love God and love people as much as we love ourselves then we will warn people that not only has God appointed a time for us to die but that if do not repent from our sins and by faith put our trust in Jesus alone for our salvation then we will spend eternity in hell. The bad news is that we've broken God's law but the Good News is that Jesus paid the fine for those who would believe.

So at the end of the Crash Course we decided it was too hot to goto Hollywood & Highland Ave to StopLight Preach as we normally do every Saturday from 12pm - 3pm so we offered everyone in the class the opportunity to come out and simply watch Tony draw a crowd using trivia questions, starting in the natural and then sharing the Gospel, swinging to the spiritual conversation. Out of the 18 people that attended the class, only 2 people came out to Glendale. The two men that came out where Eric and Frank who were from a church near by.

Tony "The Lawman" Open Air Preaching - Glendale, California

That evening at about 6:30pm Tony, Greg and a few others from Last Words Ministry showed up and started handing out tracts and soon began open air preaching, Tony got up on the box and began with trivia questions, offereing people $1.00 for answering a trivia question. People love money and the challenge to get the answer right and there is humor and laughter while doing this. The purpose is to start in the natural and then swing to the spiritual. This method of evangelism which is called Open Air Preaching is biblical because Jesus open air preached, so did Paul and other apostles also did as well. We draw a crowd by starting in the natural realm and then swing to the spiritual when we bring up the things of God.

Dru and two of the Crash Course participants showed up and then I decided to get up on the box and preach the gospel is a different way that I normally do for a couple of reasons. One reason was that I simply wanted to use a different approach and also to show others that were new to this type of preaching that you don't have to use a strict, 1,2,3 method of Open Air Preaching. I love to speak the word of God because I know that God's word doesn't return void and that God's word accomplishes what pleases Him. I didn't share with excellence of speach, nor did I preach with cleverness and there was trembling in my words. I didn't draw a big crowd but I noticed certain people that were listening intently at what i was saying and as long as I had their attention I was going to boldly preach the word of God. At one point my emotions got the better of me and I began to weep as I begged people to consider what I was saying and open their bibles to see if what I was saying was true.

Eric Open Air Preaching - Glendale, California

After I got off the box. Eric who is apart of the Mens Ministry at As You Are Church had just attended the One Day Crash Course wanted to get up on the box and what an amazing job he did as he was able to quickly draw a crowd and take a lady through the good person test while many others listened. You would have thought Eric had done this many times out there on the streets.

Frank Open Air Preaching - Glendale, California

I was amazed and full of joy that God had answered prayer by increasing the workers of the harvest by atleast two that day, because Frank was next up on the box and this guy really has a strong voice. Frank is the Executive Pastor of As You Are Church so I was blessed to hear him also give an excellent presentation of the Gospel as he took another young lady through the good person test. It was a great night of fellowship, proclamation of the Gospel and several people that were taken through the entire Gospel message shook several hands with our team, thanking us for taking the time to share with them.

Frank Open Air Preaching - Glendale, California

Another thing I wanted to mention was that Dru brought out his mobile ice chest with soda's and water in them and offered them as optional prizes for correct answers to trivia questions. As the evening ended several people received free drinks just for being close by and people received gospel tracts to read with their refreshing drinks on a hot, dry evening in Glendale, California.

So remember that we are out in Glendale, California every Saturday night from 6:00pm till atleast 9:00pm sharing the Good News. Anyone that is new to this type of evangelism or does this regularly is welcomed to join us. We are always willing to encourage and equip any follower of Jesus Christ with free tracts, prayer and guidance to proclaim the Good News.