Monday, June 9, 2008

WeHo Gay Pride Parade 2008

Weho Gay Pride Parade 2008

Something I didn't expect to be doing on a Sunday was to be at a Gay Parade. My friend Dru happened to be working at a booth in West Hollywood and asked me to come down and we would walk through the event and distribute Gospel Tracts to the crowd. I loaded up my backpack with gospel tracts, my amplifier and foldaway step stool just incase I decided to do some open air preaching.

WeHo Pride Parade 2008

When I got down to West Hollywood it was very difficult to find a parking spot so I had to park several blocks away. I met up with Dru at the front entrance of the Parade festival and we surveyed the place before handing out any tracts. It was a sad sight to see churches there that were supportive of the gay life style. My thought is that these churches have diverted from the truth of Gods word and exchanged it for a lie.

Weho Pride Parade 2008 Evangelism

Me & Dru went to the main street that is blocked off for the Parade and pulled out the Giant Money tracts and we began walking along the outskirts of the Parade handing them to everyone that would take one. Me & Dru were not sure what kind of reaction we were going to get after people discovered what we were actually handing out & that we were Christians. We never intended to confront a persons sexual preference but instead would use the 10 Cannons of God's law to bring conviction of sin. As Ray Comfort has taught, you witness to a gay person the same way you would witness to a straight person or any other person for that matter.

WeHo Pride Parade 2008

The music was loud and there were thousands of people so the Giant Money went quickly and I switched to the Charles Spurgeon Million Dollar Bill tracts and people really liked getting a million dollar bill. As I offered one lady a tract near the end of the event she leaned over to me and told me she had read the Giant Money tract and knew what it was about and also gester as to agree with what we were doing out there.

WeHo Pride Parade 2008

The purpose of me & Dru being out there was no different from any other place we go and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. All of us will one day stand before a Holy, Righteous & Just God who will not allow us into heaven because we say were sorry or because we have tried to be a good person. God's word says that none of us are good, not even one, that all our righteous acts are like a filthy rag before God.

WeHo Pride Parade 2008

All of us as sinners are capable of committing depraved acts of sin. But realize that the most trivial act of disobedience toward God such as telling just one lie is punishable by eternity in the lake of fire (Revelations 21:8). Jesus tells us that unless we repent from our sins we will perish and that by faith we must put our trust in Jesus alone for our salvation. If you've stumbled upon this blog and want to know more then take The Good Person Test and see where you stand before God because it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God.