Saturday, July 26, 2008

Ambassador's Academy July 2008 Day 02

It was another amazing time as seasoned street evangelist shared their ideas, tips and on-hands experience of how to witness to the lost. I had got home late the previous night and after blogging the first day into the night through the morning until 2am I wasn't able to get out to Academy until noon.

I managed to get lost on the way to the Hotel as I was listening to one of Ray's sermons about dumb things he said he does as I passed right by my exit and drove several miles until I realized the scenary had changed to something I wasn't familar wit so I turned around and managed to find my way back with my GPS.

I got there for the afternoon session where there was an hour of Q&A for Open Air Preaching and then another full hour of Q&A for one-2-one conversations. After that Tony gave us one of the most heart wrenching stories with the title of his message "Don't Quit". Many were brought to tears and Tony's emotions got the better of him for a moment but he was able to carry it through. Everyone was very encouraged and were definitely not planning on quiting.

The Day wound down and I was able to meet with my team agnd get to know them. For some reason when Tony called out my team on Wednesday. I didn't realize that the 5th guy on my team, Craig had been there all the time and some how we didn't get to greet each other on Wednesday.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures. I seemed to have lost my pictures for Day 02 of the Academy. If I find them I will put them here but until then please forgive me for not sharing pictures of Day 02.