Monday, July 7, 2008

Dede First-Time Open Air - Glendale 07/05/08

After a whole day of evangelism at Shepherd of the Hills FireWorks Spectacular me and Tony were tired. I could tell as I walked up to our Glendale spot to find Tony sitting on his open air box with his head down. He looked depressed with his head down looking at the ground but when I approached him he looked up and smiled and I knew that he was simply tired like me. I had planned to goto my usual spot on Hollywood blvd., but my leggs were screaming for rest so I saved my strength for Glendale.

There is always something new or interesting to talk about Glendale and this weekend was no exception. I grabbed what remained of my gospel tracts and began handing them out and was joined by my good friend Dede who is planning on attending the August Ambassador's Academy where she will go through 3 days of intensive evangelism training from the worlds best evangelist. Biblically taught in the classroom and then taken to the streets for actual hands on training. I've been open air preaching ever since I attended the first Academy in April and will be leading a team out on the streets this July.

Well... Dede told me that she wanted to do Stoplight preaching and asked me if I would go with her down the street where people gather at the light. Of course I couldn't resist the opportunity. I grabbed my backpack with amplifier and so did she and we went and setup at the corner.

Dede asked me to get up on the box first so I did and I Stoplight preached several times. Some people laughed and there was very mild heckling and also encouragment from Christians in the crowd although there were very few in favor of what I was doing. When I mentioned that being a buddist or muslim would not get you into heaven, a lady yelled out in front of the crowd that all religions lead to God. Of course this is not true and I yelled back that Jesus said that He is the way and the truth and the life, no one comes to the Father but through Jesus.

Dede was next up on the box and she had been practicing with a piece of paper with a gospel message typed on it but Dede managed to do just fine when she stopped reading off the paper and began preaching from the heart. A group of kids gathered at the light and the kid with his back to the pole was telling his friends that there are some bibles that are false causing his friends to dought. The kid on the right came up to me as Dede was preaching and asked me about this and I encouraged him to read the bible for himself and not to be distracted by his friends lack of evidence that the bible isn't true.

The security was closing in and they called the police as the amplification was bothering the mall security and the patrons that were eating outside at the tables across the street. After Dede was done, the police officer was very polite and happened to be the same man that signs our Amplifification permits. He asked me if I had my permit but unfortunately I had never made a copy for myself so I had to admit that I wasn't carrying my permit so I politely got off the box and turned off the amplifier. The policer officer was very nice and said he didn't have a problem with what we were doing but wanted us to make sure we had our permit next time.

So me and Dede Stoplight preached some more without amplification when an older lady on a golf cart with an awning on top came to the light. I tried to get her to take a tract when she asked me, "What is it?" When I told her she began to say some of the most vile things I've heard from an senior citizen. There was a huge amount of hate coming from her tone and I warned her that anyone who hates his brother is a murderer and God has said that no murderer will enter the kingdom of heaven. This only made things worse as the lady drove off at full speed. I felt so sad for this lady because all I tried to do was give her a piece of paper and in return she cussed me out and then took the tract from my hand and tore it up and threw it on the ground. Please God, help her!

After awhile some other brothers and sisters in-Christ that we've never evangelized showed up and shook our hands and hung out with us as a lady and her son approached to debate us on our belief and approach to sharing with others. The lady professed to be Jewish with an eclectic view on style of religion. She boasted of her son's desire for spirituality and choice to be a buddhist. As she described her graven image of who God was to her I pointed out several times to her that she was breaking the first and second commandment by creating a god in her mind that she was comfortable with and also putting this god first before the one true God that could save her. Her son said he didn't beleive there was a God so i used the buidling/painter analogy that Ray Comfort taught me through a Way of the Master episode that shows that creation cries out that there is a Creator that created all things.

It was getting late and i was tired so me and Dede decided to leave as the other Christians stayed there and continued to engage the mother and son. I felt it was hopeless to continue sharing with them as me and Dede had both shared the law with them but they were not humbled or concerned that God would punish them for their sins so we leave it to God as we do with all conversations and open air preaching. All souls belong to God. If it pleases God, He will draw them to repentance and faith. We shared the truth in love. Until next weekend. The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Amen.