Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Venice Beach - 08/03/08

On Sunday, me and Dru Morgan of The Great Coffee Mission, fellow team leader of the Ambassador's Academy and regular street evangelist out on the streets of Hollywood & Glendale thought it would be a great idea to go out to Venice Beach where the Hara Krishnas were having an event to draw new converts. I attended the morning discipleship class that Tony "The Lawman" Miano leads at Granada Hills Community Church and after that I headed over to Dru's house to pick him up and me, Dru and his oldes daughter Sierra car pooled to Venice Beach and along the way we had a great time of fellowship.

When we got there it was difficult to find a close parking spot because the only parking available within a mile of where we wanted to be would cost between $15 to $25 so we drove a little ways away and had no regrets walking the distance while hoping to hand out tracts along the way.

Along the way as we walked up the boardwalk we passed out tracts to people that would take them. Some thing you must be willing to accept is people that will act as if you don't exist and walk by without saying even a single word. I will tell them to have a nice day and continue to move on. You shouldn't get discouraged by this and continue to pray that God will provide you with an opportunity to share the Good News with someone.

I noticed some bikers (Messengers of Recovery) had approached a booth setup that caught there eye because of the picture of money on the sign. I told Dru to hold on for a minute because I wanted to see if I could get these guys to take the million dollar gospel tracts and so I waited until they were done talking. Notice the kids reading the tract to the right of the picture.

I knew that when they walked away that they would be going to there right so placed myself to the far right and as they turned I approachd with a smile and asked them, "Did you get your million dollar bill yet?" The first guy smiled and gladly took it and his friend also did the same. I gave him an extra million to give to his friend that was still talking to the guy operating the booth and told them that the bill was a gospel tract and that it has the million dollar question on the back.

When giving out the million try to remember to tell people that it has the million dollar question on the back. Many times i've found that people don't realize there is a message on the back and tend to put it away and/or put it up on the wall of their business without ever reading it. Create curiosity by telling them that it has the million dollar question on the back and 9 times out of 10 they will flip it over and read it.

As we approached the cults event they had a band playing and some people were dancing. We walked through and surveyed the place before handing out tracts.

We decided to stand on the boardwalk at the front entrance to the festival. Dru got into a conversation with a gentleman that was walking by.I started with the million dollar bills and then switched to the giant money gospel tracts.

As I was standing there waiting for someone to walk by a young lady walked up with a million dollar bill that I had given her and she tried to give it back to me. I wouldn't take it and she tried to stuff it in the front pocket of my shirt but I wasn't about to take it back. She yelled at me that what i was doing was abuse and then she crumpled up the gospel tract, threw it on the ground and stormed off. Unknowingly she had just handed out her first gospel tract. When you crumple up a million dollar bill people will pick it up thinking it's real money because of the way it looks. Never take a tract back from someone. Let them drop it, throw it in the trash or whatever they want to do with it. Where ever that tract ends up it could end up in someone's hand and they could read it and God can save them.

We had a a few Christians stop and thank us for what we were doing and because of the time we decided we needed to leave so we walked back through the crowd and I gave these girls giant money tracts and as you can see they were reading it and pointing out things in the message that caught their attention.

Jews for Jesus were also out there and we talked with them for a few minutes and exchanged tracts. One of them wanted a DVD of one of Ray's messages but all we had were True & False Conversion CD's. We suggested that they goto and they can either listen or watch Ray Comfort's message on Evangelism for free.

Dru saw this kid sitting on the steps of the Freak Show attraction so he gave the kid a comic booklet tract for him to read.

Because of some of the people that were out there promoting false religions I thought it would be great if we came back and possibly setup a booth of our own for the purpose of sharing the Good News. Until then we'll be looking in to permits and supplies to give out and possible donations to help with the expenses. Until next time, please pray for those who received a gospel tract at Venice Beach.