Friday, October 31, 2008

Wed October Academy 2008

October Ambassador's Academy Wednesday

It's October and the final Academy is underway in Cerritos, California. God is raising up laborer's to share the Good News and this Academy is full followers of Jesus Christ that want to proclaim the message of repentance and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

October Ambassador's Academy Wednesday

I got there late and Emeal Zwayne had just finished speaking when I pulled out my camera so I began taking shots of Tony welcoming the Ambassadors from around the world who had possibly sacrificed much to be there. Either financially, physically or spiritually there was some sort of challenge placed on each of the attendees to be there.

October Ambassador's Academy Wednesday

I got to meet my team and i'm honored to have Cameron & Anders who are both faithful followers of Christ in Denmark. Cameron could easily lead a team of Academy members if he was asked to do so. It just so happens that I also have 3 couples on my team as well which are Kenneth & Michelle Martens from Texas who got married last Saturday and have decided to attend the Ambassador's Academy for their Honeymoon, Matthew & Carrie Neilson from Apple Valley, California and Brian & Jamie Agee from Jonesboro, Arkansas.

October Ambassador's Academy Wednesday

Please pray for my team as well as the other teams and team leaders and LivingWaters Staff as Friday we will be heading out to Hollywood and then Glendale for the evening of Halloween.


And special thanks to Liz who is the Lady Mentor on my team and who does so much for the Academy. I always forget my Ops plan so Liz is always there to provide me with a back up copy! :-) Thanks Liz!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ambassador's Academy #6

A brother in-Christ took my photo's from the September Academy and turned it into a video. Enjoy!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Burbank Town Center 10/10/08

I've been going out witnessing with Tony at the Glendale location for nearly 10 months now on Saturdays and have missed the old fishing pond at the Burbank Town Center where many evangelist would share the gospel there on a Friday nights regularly.

Last weekend I decided I would go back and hand out some tracts and possibly have some conversations. I got there and spent an hour and a half handing out million dollar bill halloween tracts. One Guy said I tricked him when he took the tract and discoverd it was a gospel tract and then a family got tracts from me and the father turned around and asked me if it was a gospel tract. I said yes, and he said, "Priase God". It turns out that he is a pastor of a Church in Arleta. It just so happens that I also llve in Arleta. So we talked and encouraged each other and he introduced me to his family and gave me a high five before they walked away.

The night ended with me talking to a gentleman by the name of Michael who sweeps the grounds of the Town Center and just so happened to be on his 5 minute break. He wouldn't take a tract at first but I struck up a conversation with him about the tract and about what is written on the back and that was my springboard to the gospel message. He didn't believe in Heaven or Hell but I reasoned with him that if there was a Heaven and a Hell that He would not want to end up in Hell. After sharing the law he wasn't justifying himself and I was able to share the Good News with him. Pray to God to open Micheals eyes to the truth so that he would repent and believe the gospel.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Candle Destroys Voodoo Supply Shop


SAN DIEGO -- A lit candle touched off a blaze that destroyed a San Diego voodoo supply shop and damaged an adjacent taco shop.

Police Sgt. Ray Battrick says intense smoke from the blaze led to the evacuation of several homes in the Grant Hill neighborhood on Sunday morning.

The Centro Botanico La Santisma store -- which sold herbs, amulets and other items related to Santeria and voodoo -- was destroyed.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Fire at Pacoima Middle School

Pacoima Middle School Fire

I was in the living room when I heard a helicopter outside so I decided to grab my camera and hop into my truck and follow the helicopter and followed him to the scene of my Junior High School that I haven't attended in more than 20+ years.

Pacoima Middle School Fire

There was a fire in the Auditorium so I was able to park close by and take some pictures of the fire fighters that were on the scene trying to put out the fire. It was estimated that there were 122 fire fighters there fighting the blaze.

Pacoima Middle School Fire

It's kinda hard to imagine so many of them at one location but when spread out there doesn't appear as many as you would think. As Christians we should also spread out within an area and cover more ground so that we reach more people with the Gospel. Of course there will be times when we are physically alone but we have the Lord who is our strength.

Pacoima Middle School Fire

After taking several pictures I went back to my truck and digged through my truck for gospel tracts to hand out and then walked back to the scene and started handing out MDB's and large $1000 tracts to everyone as I walked by. Some thing that you will notice at the scene of an accident or fire or any type of incident that draws a crowd is that people are just standing there.

Pacoima Middle School Fire

Walk up and stick your hand out in confidence and put the gospel tract in front of them and ask them, "Did you get one of these?" or, "Here's something to read while your watching" or whatever else that you can think of at the moment. I noticed that out of all the people that I handed out tracts was that none of them said no and if they did I would simply have told them to have a nice day.

Pacoima Middle School Fire

Some may say the fire was a total loss but I believe it differently. As I was leaving a lady who had received a tract from me asked me for more gospel tract so I gave her more and she told me she was a Sunday School teacher and wanted to give the tracts to the kids in her class and said that this was exactly what the kids needed to read. She was very encouraged by what the Lord had me doing out there through me. We may never know until we get to heaven what our labor for the Lord could be used for.

Pacoima Middle School Fire

Until the Lord's nets are full, lets find ways to tell someone. When all else fails, use the Word of God. In season and out of season.

So whenever you see something that may be drawing a crowd, be ready. Don't hesitate, don't quit. Grab your tracts and go hand them out while there's still time.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Academy Sept 2008 Glendale

glendale Americana

I had the privilege again to lead a team of men for the Ambassador's Academy and was blessed to see and hear many conversations from all of them. God has lavished His grace on us and what better way to return the free gift of eternal life than to tell others why they are seperated from God and what they must do to be saved.

One of the locations of the Ambassador's Academy where we do evangelism is at the Americana in Glendale, California. This is a regular fishing hole for the director of the Ambassador's Alliance and for several other evangelist that regularly come out and share the Good News.

I'll never forget the first time that me and Tony and Mike from our church came out to the location and Tony picked out a spot on the sidewalk where he would do his first open air of the evening. My first thought as fear swept through me was that this wasn't going to work and people were going to walk away and we might possibly be forced to leave by security.

Here is how things went...

The results should not have surprised me that day since we had often drawn crowds when open air preaching at our old fishing pond at the Burbank Town Center which is another good location to engage people in one-2-one conversations and open air preaching.

Anyways. After being in Glendale for 10 months now I think back to all the conversations, open airs and fellowship and i'm glad that we didn't quit. I believe people have been saved from the wrath of God because the Word of Christ has been preached there and will continue to be preached as God allows.

Here is a clip from the September 2008 Academy in Glendale...