Saturday, October 18, 2008

Burbank Town Center 10/10/08

I've been going out witnessing with Tony at the Glendale location for nearly 10 months now on Saturdays and have missed the old fishing pond at the Burbank Town Center where many evangelist would share the gospel there on a Friday nights regularly.

Last weekend I decided I would go back and hand out some tracts and possibly have some conversations. I got there and spent an hour and a half handing out million dollar bill halloween tracts. One Guy said I tricked him when he took the tract and discoverd it was a gospel tract and then a family got tracts from me and the father turned around and asked me if it was a gospel tract. I said yes, and he said, "Priase God". It turns out that he is a pastor of a Church in Arleta. It just so happens that I also llve in Arleta. So we talked and encouraged each other and he introduced me to his family and gave me a high five before they walked away.

The night ended with me talking to a gentleman by the name of Michael who sweeps the grounds of the Town Center and just so happened to be on his 5 minute break. He wouldn't take a tract at first but I struck up a conversation with him about the tract and about what is written on the back and that was my springboard to the gospel message. He didn't believe in Heaven or Hell but I reasoned with him that if there was a Heaven and a Hell that He would not want to end up in Hell. After sharing the law he wasn't justifying himself and I was able to share the Good News with him. Pray to God to open Micheals eyes to the truth so that he would repent and believe the gospel.