Saturday, June 26, 2010

A man prays for the opportunity to share Jesus

This is a true story that I heard from a brother-in-Christ a few years ago and I felt I would share it first and foremost with the Church where this man attended and also with my closest friends and anyone else that might stumble upon this note.

This brother-in-Christ, who will remain anonymous went to a restaurant and sat at a table and wanted to share Jesus Christ with someone that day. He didn't know who it would be or if he would even have the courage to do so with anyone but he lowered his head in prayer and asked God to bring someone to him that he could share Jesus Christ with. Upon finishing his prayer he looked up from the table and noticed a very beautiful, slender young woman come in the doorway in very professional buisness attire and she was carrying a briefcase in her hand and was waiting to be seated. The man who had prayed to God to share Jesus with closed his eyes and thought to himself that she certainly would not be interested in any thing he had to say. She looked very professional. Had the looks, The clothes and appeared very confident with her pretty smile and to be honest his thoughts did wander as he struggled to keep his eyes focus, not wanting to be tempted in any way.

The woman was finally approached by a waitress who escorted her to the booth directly behind this man who had prayed to God for someone to talk to about Jesus. The woman was seated and as she sat there the man prayed again and his prayer became more intense and he asked God if this was the one whom he must share the Word of Christ with and the thought came to him that he must pray for her. He struggled to think of what to say to her and there was a huge fear of rejection as he turned his feet out of the booth and got the lady's attention and simply asked her, "I'm sorry to bother you but for reasons I can not explain. I feel like I must pray for you? Would it be alright if I prayed for you?" The womans jaw dropped open and she began to cry and the man asked her, "What's wrong?" And the woman got up out of her seat and walked over and sat at the mans booth and told him bluntly that she had planned to commit suicide today. She was going to end her life

The beautiful young lady that looked so full of life and promise opened her briefcase to reveal only a piece of paper inside that contained a suicide note that she had written the night before and the man's jaw dropped and he remembed the prayer he had lifted to God that the Lord would bring him someone to share Jesus Christ with and it was obvious that this woman was the person that truely needed to hear the Word of Christ at that moment. Long story short. The man shared Jesus Christ with her and explained the law of God and how no one is good, not even one. We are all guilty before God and that she was no different from anyone else on earth.

He continued on from the bad news to the God News of Jesus Christ. That God had provided a way for her to be forgiven which is through the life,death, burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ who took upon Himself the punishment we all deserve for breaking His law so that those with a humble heart who call on His name can go free and enter heaven. He spoke of repentance and faith that comes from God and that woman burst into tears and cried out to God with a humble heart asking God to forgive her for every thing she had done wrong in her life and she embraced the man and could not stop thanking him for what he had just done for her as everyone else in the restaurant silently stared. You could hear a pin drop except for the womans tears and the man held her hands and prayed over her.

It is beleived that the woman who had walked in with absolutely no hope had then walked out with nothing but hope because someone had prayed to God that the Lord would bring someone to him to share the Word of Jesus Christ. When I heard this story I could not keep myself from crying and asking God to bring someone to me who I could share Jesus with and through it wasn't as profound as the story you just heard I was able to share Jesus with someone the very next day. God is amazing, merciful and kind. He resist the proud but gives grace to the humble. Amen.