Sunday, July 25, 2010

Neil Diamond Tribute Band

What is good about a Neil Diamond Tribute band playing at Santa Clarita Park? Well, the fact is that there are many people that are walking into the park that you can speak with, hand them a tract or hold a sign that causes them to think about God and eternity. Like the twin towers it should be obvious that death could come at any moment when lest expected. One man spoke loud enough behind me as he walked by accusing me of wasting my time by declaring, "don't you have some thing better to do?" In my mind, I pause to think about that question. I never responded to the man and his wife even asked her husband what he said. I think she was embarrassed by her husband's remark. I understand the man's frustration because I was once oblivious to the truth. Why can't people just enjoy themselves. Have a good time without thinking about God and judgement. To a Christian this sounds crazy but to an unbeliever it sounds reasonable except the unbeliever is blinded from the truth about God. (John 12:40)

Some honked their horns. Some young attractive girls laughed at me. I'm use to that. Many ignored me but there were a few that honked their horns in joy and gave me thumbs up for what I was doing. I'm not a good person. I am wretched and poor and if not for God's saving grace I would not show my face in public. A man walked by and asked me, "How's business?" I said, "Business? I'm not in the business of selling any thing" And he didn't stick around. Cowards always keep their feet moving and never engage further than throwing out a remark or two. Jesus isn't for sale. Jesus isn't knocking at your door and trying to invite you in. That is a lie from the pit of hell. God works every thing after the counsel of His will.(Ephesians 1:11) Salvation is of the Lord.(Jonah 2:9)

Me and Tony shared the Gospel at the Neil Diamond Tribute at Santa Clarita Park on Saturday. Two girls and a guy that passed by me earlier had a slight scare as a truck making a U-Turn came close to running them over.

Many of the people that entered the park saw the cross and mouthed the words