Monday, January 31, 2011

Hollywood Evangelism 1/29/2011

StreetEvangelist Jeff witnessing to JW's in North Hollywood before we got on the train for Hollywood.

StreetEvangelist JeffDede Vena and Haig joined me for the train ride from North Hollywood to Hollywood to share the Good News. Thanks to Jeff for buying our train tickets!

StreetEvangelist Jeff decides we should open air preach on the subway so I say okay. We were nervous but we did it any ways. Watch this.

Dede Vena sharing the law that leads to Christ (Galatians 3:24) with a woman on Hollywood while handing out Gospel Tracts.

StreetEvangelist Jeff interviews Chris who is heralding Judgment Day instead of preaching the Gospel as commanded by Jesus in Mark 16:15. 

Dede Vena tries to reason with Chris but the truth of scripture was falling on deaf ears. He got so angry that I had to point out to him that if he is a follower of Christ then he should love his enemies.

"But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you."
(Matthew 5:44)

Nope. Jeff is not buying a hot dog but I'm sure the dogs taste good.

Dede Vena began reading Galatians while we were waiting for Steve Pivovaroff &  Edward A Romero to show up with amplification.

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Once I had amplification I began reading the Gospel of Mark and I would transition several times to the Law & the Good News

Steve Pivovaroff took over for awhile and read through more of the Gospel of Mark while also transitioning to the Law & the Good News. I eventually returned to preaching and I finished the Gospel of Mark.

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I began to take this group of girls through the good person test and one of them thought she was clever and was being sarcastic as her friends laughed so I ended the conversation with the law of God as they were not concerned with their sin against God.

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Michael from San Clemente joined us again on Saturday. He was handing out tracts, engaging people in conversations and giving away Gospel's of John in Spanish.
Michael from San Clemente. He was passing out tracts from:

StreetEvangelist Jeff was having conversations, handing out tracts and then he disappeared across the street with Steve Pivovaroff's  portable amplifier for some open air preaching of the scriptures.

 Edward A Romero was off to the side of the building handing out big money and recording video. Kyle Romero took photos for his brother.

Back at the Subway for the ride home and Jeff is handing out tracts while we wait for the Metro Rail.

We got on the wrong train but it turned out for good as we got off and back on the correct train Jeff opened up a conversation with a man that was noticeably tired.

Dede and Jeff break the ice with gospel tracts. The man who's name is Shaun looks like he's on some thing. Jeff confronts him toward the end of the conversation. 

And finally we got back to North Hollywood and Dede was saying oh no as she approached her van as she noticed she had left the rear door of her van wide open in the parking lot for more than 5 hours but nothing was taken. Praise God!

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