Thursday, March 24, 2011

"Repent and Witness" 2011 Evangelism Camp: New York City

When is the next Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp?

What can I expect from Repent and Witness Evangelism Camp?

Evangelism Camps are heavy duty. The schedule is structured so that you are always engaged in a meaningful activity. Leaders are there to encourage you to stay focused on the work at hand, gently pushing you to serve the Lord with greater courage and zeal. The outcome?
“I am forever changed by this experience. I went to a boot camp last year in NYC, but this was on a different level. I have a hunger and passion for open air preaching that I never had before. I have been freshly kindled by the Spirit of God and I have a deeper burden to see God glorified through evangelism than ever before. I have never in my life experienced such deep God honoring fellowship before. I have a deep love for the Repent and Witness crew.”           – Mitch

Do I need to have prior training in biblical evangelism to apply as a missionary?

Yes. We provide that for you at no cost right here on our website. Visit our Online Evangelism Training page and prepare for battle. Once you have completed our audio/visual training, you may apply to become a RW missionary! If you are already familiar with biblical evangelism, you do not have to complete the online training.

How much does a camp cost and what is included?

Each Repent and Witness missionary trip varies in cost due to location, activities, and ministry needs. Check out our various camps below for details on each camp, as well as the various aspects the cost covers.

How can I raise funds to attend?

There many ways to raise funds to attend Repent and Witness. We provide a free online tool to fundraise simply and effectively through online support-raising and provide detailed directions. Note: Only approved CCN missionaries may raise support.
You can also download fund raising materials: Brochure (for both students and non-students) and Donation Slips. Use these materials to help raise support. Share your mission with your pastor, friends, church members, or anyone else who may support you. For more info on how to effectively raise support, please visit this outside informational website.

Can I Donate Toward the RW Scholarship Fund?

Yes. Many times a dedicated CCN member wishes to attend our camp, however he or she is unable due to a lack of funds. You can help by donating toward a RW scholarship!

Who are awarded with RW Scholarships?

CCN awards numerous students and non-students with scholarships based on their involvement in the ministry during the school year. Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of CCN.