Saturday, March 5, 2011

Starbucks Evangelism 3/4/2011

I decided to goto Burbank and find a place to read the bible out loud (not scream) so many would hear and I would transition to the Good News as I felt led. There was a large group of kids dancing and playing music. Some guy on the corner was playing his horn and the Girl Scouts were selling their girl scout cookies that unfortunately now is affiliated with Planned Parenthood which is an Anti-Life organization. It's odd that Planned Parenthood would call Christians Anti-Choice when it's the unborn child that really has no choice in the matter when it comes to the choice of abortion. 

What could a Christian accomplish here on a public sidewalk in front of Starbucks? Mark 16:15 applies to this location. I am not as bold as I want to be. I preached with fear and trembling for about 2 hours. I have a great fear of pronouncing words incorrectly. In some cases I skipped a bunch of verses because I was really having trouble with the Genealogy of Jesus. But I continued on as I wept knowing that God accomplishes what pleases Him.

A sample of the people that took notice as they heard me reading from the book of Luke. Be encouraged, because you can do this. Yeah, I was mocked a little and pretty girls laughed and giggled and one guy got into a shouting match with me. I was only trying to preach over him but that was going no where so eventually I went back to reading the Scriptures at a relaxed level and he walked away.

A group of kids came by twice and I caused a kid who claimed to be a Christian to examine his life more closely to see if he was in the faith. He said he wasn't reading the bible. Him and a friend of his took Evidence Bibles and then 2 guys who were standing close by and listening began to ask me questions and I shared the Good News with him and I got him to admit that he was not broken over his sin. He was not sorrowful over his sin. He was nothing like the tax collector that stood afar and was unable to lift his eyes to heaven as it is written, ".... God be merciful to me a sinner." What was really interesting was that I revealed to him that Jesus was God in the flesh (The Son of God) who is equal to the Father. He did not know that.

Alex was very grateful for the conversation that we had and so was his friend Adam who listened to me. I gave him a book to read called the "Case for Christ" by Lee Strobel and I also gave them both audio copies of True & False Conversion by Ray Comfort available at

"Until I come, give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation and teaching." 1 Timothy 4:13

On my way home from Burbank I got off the freeway and I noticed a DUI Check Point just East of the 5 Freeway and so I parked across the street and I noticed people standing around with bibles in their hands along with law enforcement & tow truck drivers.

 Cars were being filtered into a single line and the officers were checking the drivers to see if they were under the influence of alcohol or a controlled substance along with proper identification. I decided to go across the street and see if anyone would take a Gospel Tract from me. I live in a predominate Hispanic neighborhood so I made sure I had plenty of Spanish Million Dollar Tracts to give out. All the police officers took the tracks which was a surprise because usually police officer's do not take any thing when they are working so it was a pleasant surprise. The tow truck drivers get theirs and then I handed out more than a dozen Spanish tracts to the men & women that had bibles. I told them the bill had a bible message on the back and they smiled. 

  I then tried to hand the leader of the Church group a tract but he wouldn't take one even after I told him I was a Christian and that it had a bible message on the back. He said he was a Christian but said no thanks. It feels awful enough to be rejected by an unbeliever but from a professing Christian? It doesn't make any sense.  What a great way for that Christian to use that tract to start a conversation with the Officer about his eternal soul. The officer next to him took the Gospel Tract and then I reminded the group leader of Mark 16:15 to go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every one. A professing Christian should never turn down a tract. Shame on him!

I would say that the group leader was lacking in the department of encouragement. Maybe the tract I put in the Police man's hand did lead the professing Christian to share the Word of Christ with the officer or maybe it brought conviction to him for not bring up the things of God. I don't know for sure but i do know that it's appointed for a man to die once and then comes the judgement. 
Hebrews 9:27  We should share our faith while we still have time.

So I went home and I decided to go back out and now it's around 12:30am and the police have two young men get out of their vehicle and it turns out these two are cousins.  While one is given a sobriety test the other one is told to stand near me as his cousin goes through different test eventually fails the test and it is determined that he was under the influence of Marijuana and is led away in hand cuffs.

The cousin didn't even realize his older cousin was going to jail as I broke the news to him. He was really upset because he had a long walk home so I immediately offered him a ride and so I drove him to his house and before he got out I gave him a book to read called, "How to live forever without being Religious" by Ray Comfort and he was very grateful as he walked away from my truck.