Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bob Jones & Flocko

Bob Jones by Chris Yarzab
Bob Jones, a photo by Chris Yarzab on Flickr.
Bakersfield Evangelism with 22nd Ministries.

Bob Jones. He's 70 years old, going through hard times and he is looking for relatives. He doesn't believe he will live much longer. Steve Pivovaroff's wife was able to provide Bob with a Sandwich and drinks. I asked him if he believed in God and he said yes. I then asked him whom was he putting his trust into saving him from his sins and he said his trust was in Christ alone. He knew verses of scriptures and we encouraged one another and then I prayed for him and we hugged and he was soon on the bus headed for another part of town.

Nickname "Flocko" He lives on the streets. He heard us preach the Word of God. He said he wants to get right with God. I gave him a bible and he was showing me his mural that he was painting. He wanted to get off the streets and so another Christian brother was able to find a place for him to stay for the night.