Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Revival Hymn (FULL)

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Lie: Evolution

The Bible claims that God knows everything. He has all knowledge. If this is true, then the Bible is the word of someone who knows everything there is to know. If we want to come to the right conclusions about anything, the only sure way would be to start with the word of the One who has absolute knowledge. We Christians must build all of our thinking in every area on the Bible. We must start with God's Word, not the word of finite, fallible man. We must judge what people say on the basis of what God's Word says -- not the other way around. The principles that govern our thinking in every area must come from the Scriptures. These principles are immutable. No informed evolutionist would question the fact that modern science arose from a biblical foundation. In other words, what we believe and how we think depends upon the basis with which we start. The Bible contains the very foundational principles and details necessary to develop correct thinking in every area.

Unfortunately, too many people have started with the word of men and then judged what the Bible states. What an arrogant position this is! We cannot tell God what He should say. We must be prepared to come totally under His authority and listen to what He says to us. Yes, creation is religion, but it is based on revelation from the all-knowing Creator. Evolution is religion, but it is not based on revelation from God. Instead it is based on the words of men who were not there -- men who (by their own admission) do not know everything. And these men, the Bible informs us, are biased against God and His Word.
If the Bible is not the infallible word of the One who knows everything, then we have exactly nothing. We can never be sure about anything. What then is truth: my word, your word, or someone else's word? In fact, how do you determine what truth is or how to search for it.

Christians have the Bible, which claims to be the Word of God. We can also take what the Bible says and see if the evidence of the present does fit.

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