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Diet of Worms

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Worms, Diet of (1521). The most celebrated of the long series of Imperial diets held at Worms, at which M. *Luther defended his doctrines before the Emp. *Charles V. It took place in the Bischofshof from 27 Jan. to 25 May. The Papal legate, *Aleander, who had arrived at Worms on 30 Nov. 1520, having put the case against Luther on 13 Feb. 1521, Luther was then summoned and arrived on 16 Apr. On 18 Apr. he made his final refusal to recant his doctrines, acc. to an early but unreliable tradition concluding his answer with the famous words ‘Hie stehe ich. Ich kan nicht anders. Gott helff mir. Amen.’ Charles V having announced on the following day his resolve to take firmer measures against his doctrines, Luther departed from Worms on 26 Apr. On 26 May his teachings were formally condemned in the Edict of Worms.

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